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An ongoing series of informational newsletters on the progress of the latest bioresearch companies that are bringing hope to local communities and nationwide families that have a member who fall under autistic spectrum or anxiety based disorders,  such as PTSD

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Lionsgate Rx's Announcements

LIONSGATE Rx Pharmacy Discount for Local and National Wide Unions

October 30, 2021

San Clemente, CA, Oct. 30, 2021 (AFXF NEWSLETTER)-- via Newsletter-- Announces the benefit of an easy Lionsgate Rx Pharmacy Discount App and Online download process to all local and nationwide unions, reaching across to Americans that are in need of a substantial discount on monthly high cost pharmaceuticals saving. Nancy King, LG Rx's President, shares with American People, "This Rx Pharmacy Discount Card is like no other. We are excited to reach out to all the American people across our nation, and spread this free Rx Pharmacy discount wallet card in everyone's family. Saving Americans hundreds per month and thousands per year (depending on the drugs) in every American home.  We are making it easy on Americans to have access to these benefits by making the card free. All Americans have to do is download and share, and receive their reward points. 

AFXF is happy to share and support LG Rx's generosity with our Autistic Spectrum and Anxiety Based Community.  We wish to pass along to our followers and family this Rx Pharmacy Discount Card, since AFXFoundation understand how high prescriptions can become, especially, for special needs families. Many special needs family not only incur expenses on were they may have other needs for pharmaceutical products, which in the long run becomes a high expense to their pocket and oftentimes, many are unable to go beyond their budget. Lionsgate Rx Pharmacy Discount Prescription Card now has the solution, and it is free.

Lionsgate Rx Prescription Discount Free Card App

October 29, 2021

GWHP's Announcements

October 22, 2020

October 29, 2020

April 20, 2021

May 04,2021

October 14, 2021

NUNZIA's Announcements

Nunzia Pharmaceutical 

October 10, 2021

Nunzia Pharmaceutical Inc. (OTC:NUNZ), Opening for Free the GOLD MEMBERSHIP to all Local and Nationwide Union Members. 

Global WholeHealth Partners Corp.

April 19, 2021

Alzheimer's Diagnostics a Medical Breakthrough Attained by Global WholeHealth Partners Corp. (OTC: GWHP) as a Leading Researcher, Believes an Alzheimer's Test Will Save Lives

“We believe this announcement couldn’t come at a better time for us as we are partnering with Nunzia Pharmaceutical and their products for Neurological disorders,” said Mr. Strongo. “Nunzia Pharmaceutical with a nutraceutical for anxiety and stress based on their patented formulas and there pharmaceutical drug there are planning on bringing through the FDA, which specifically works on the Hippocampus part of the brain, dealing with stress, memory, and fine motor skills are a perfect fit for Global’s diagnostic tests.”

Global WholeHealth Partners Corp.

May 11, 2021

Autistic Spectrum of Disorders (ASD) Are Now Diagnosable; This Medical Breakthrough was Attained by Global WholeHealth Partners, Corp (OTC: GWHP) as Leading Researcher, and Believes an ASD Epidemic is on the Horizon

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GWHP - Global WholeHealth Partners, Corp.

Global and Nunzia Working together for Dementia


"Global WholeHealth Partners (ticker symbol GWHP) now has the means to identify and test for dementia using a Microwell Reader or lateral flow test to measure certain brain enzymes during the data collection process used in a positive diagnosis (disclosed in an AK filed March 21st, 2021).

"This could simple be described as nothing short of a medical breakthrough in Dementia Diagnostics testing," according to Charles Strongo, the CEO of Global WholeHealth Partners, Corp. '

'We believe this announcement couldn't come at a better time for us as we are partnering with Nunzia Pharmaceutical and their products for neurological disorders," according to Mr. Strongo.

Nunzia Pharmaceutical with a nutraceutical for anxiety and stress based on their patented formula, and their pharmaceutical drug they are planning on bringing through the FDA which specifically works with the Hipppocampus part of the brain dealing with stress, memory, and the fine motor skills are a perfect fit for Global's Diagnostic Test.

Mr. Strongo also said, "Early detection for Demetia disease is not only crucial for patients and their quality of life, but this data is also used by researchers to seek out commonalties, causes, and hopefully cures."

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