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Keeping our staff, volunteers, and event participants safe has always been one of our top-priorities, and as multiple counties have declared health and public safety warnings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to cancel events through 2020-2021, and will be postponing some of 2022's Autism Parades, Events, and Run Walk n' Roll. However, we have opened one of our bucket list items, another goal accomplished by AFXF is the soft opening of SARAH's ATTIC for 2022. Grand Opening July 22, 2022.

We are still fully committed to research and development and look forward to coordinating future events! 


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Saving people one life at a time is our heart beat! 

What is yours?

Bringing to the Table 

Phase 1

Awareness Sparks Questions

"What is Autism or an Anxiety Based Disorder?"

"How do you Find Out?"

Through our Local Non-profit Organizations, Teachers, Counselors, School Evaluations, Clinical Evaluations, and Physicians.

Phase 2

Testing, Diagnoses, and Evaluation 

Finding whether a Family member or yourself is part of the Spectrum or any Anxiety Based Disorder, such as PTSD, through Clinical Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologists, or Rapid Diagnostic Blood Test . 

*But once you find out you fall under the ASD SPECTRUM or PTSD?

Then What?

Then its AFXF

 Phase 3


*When you Reach Phase 3



Then What?

We bring you a Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical Treatments that work along with your Special Needs Schools, and give a new meaning and beginning to families. 

How We Help

Learn about the Solution and Answer!

Helping children on the Autistic Spectrum, those with Fragile X Syndrome, and their Families

The Autism Fragile X Foundation (AFXF) was created to help parents connect and give their children "quality of life."  Through research and development, AFXF is helping to bring forth an early diagnosis test and continual treatment and/or support for children on the spectrum, including those with anxiety based disorder by benefitting families in multiple positive ways:

  • Parents have the ability to focus with tranquility on their entire family as a whole.
  • Children with support and treatment will be able to focus and contribute by helping family members with house chores, during activities, and other normal day-to-day tasks or jobs assigned.
  • Families who feel better, who are understood, who work collectively help cultivate a peaceful, nurturing environment for themselves, and their children or person on the spectrum; or with anxiety based disorder.

Learn More

Helping Schools Districts and educators understand autistic children, teenagers, or adults and those with Fragile X Syndrome

With proper diagnosis and treatment, autistic children or those with Fragile X Syndrome are more prepared to be included in regular social activities.  

  • Educators will be able to spread their class time more efficiently among their students. 
  • Educators will be able to easily support and educate their students with any disorders 
  • Educators will be able to enjoy a more peaceful classroom environment, and have the ability to create a longer lasting bond with the families of their students

Learn More

Helping Medical Professionals support Autistic children and those with Fragile X Syndrome

AFXF knows that the medical field is trying to administer safe drugs or treatments for Autistic people or those Fragile X Syndrome without negative side-effects. AFXF supports the research and development of the newest and the best technologies to recommend to Medical Professionals.

  • Medical Professionals will be able to recommend supplements or pharmaceutical that are natural, have no negative side-effects, and that are non-addictive or toxic to the system.
  • Medical Professionals will no longer feel lost by prescribing pill after pill with no positive changes
  • Medical Professionals will be able to have well functioning patients, while creating lasting ties.

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AFXF's Donations Support Research Companies with the Best Supplements

The Autism Fragile X Foundation (AFXF) supports research companies that have found a breakthrough in chemistry and science. While awareness is essential, AFXF also focuses on supporting research companies that are better understanding the roots of various cognitive developmental differences and mental disorders. 

Everyone should be able to live their life to the fullest

AFXF's greatest wish is to help every autistic child, adolescent, and adult lead fulfilling lives.  With proper support, such children, adolescents, and adults have greater chances of pursuing their goals and living more independently.  With better awareness, the burden of stigmas may also fade along with many other obstacles they face.  

The Brain's Hippocampus 

More evidence from the research companies we support indicates that chemical imbalances within the Hippocampus may be one of the root causes for developmental differences in the brain (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder) and/or mental disorders (e.g. Anxiety Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  From the very beginning, our primary objective has been to find a natural, non-addictive, plant-based, and no negative side-effect supplement to help millions of people and provide fresh starts without any harm.

Giving back to society

AFXF's heartbeat is to help autistic people and those with Fragile X Syndrome or other mental health disorders. We give our time, resources, and hearts to the Autism Spectrum, Fragile X Syndrome, and PTSD community. 

You can help us support them with the challenges they face internally and from society as a whole.  Our 501-c3 non-profit organization is always seeking help from more community members to help us support continued research.

Learn about the Solution and Answer!

Learn about the Solution and Answer!




NUNZIA Nutraceutical Supplements assists other Therapeutic Treatments:

ABA Therapy, Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Equestrian Therapy, Swimming Therapy, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Psychiatrist and Psychologist, Counseling, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractors

When partnering with NUNZIA, we understood the importance to support their Research and Development as they brought forth the completion of their Nutraceutical.  

We are proud to announce ready to buy Over-the-Counter (OTC) Nutraceutical Supplement for the Autism Spectrum and Any Anxiety Based Disorder, such as Depression and PTSD. 

   * EFFECTIVE         * WORKS FOR          * ALL-NATURAL

      24-96 HRS                    80%                           100%

    AFTER USE                OF USERS      NON-GMO & VEGAN

With every purchase made, AFXF is donated a percentage!


With every purchase made, AFXF is donated a percentage!

Tune into Our Blog Stories and Events

We’ve loved every minute of our journey


Looking closely at local schools and their needs.

As we all know, COVID has taken a toll on many schools. It took us by surprised in 2019 and has had a drastic affect on our nation,  families, schools (especially the special needs schools), and on many non-profits .

Slowly, we are coming around to understand how to begin functioning in all social areas of our lives. Many families are now circling back and trying to adjust to the normalcy and responsibility of our new social world, or what many call, "our world with COVID."

As such, the Autism Fragile X Foundation will not be able to quickly organize any 'Run, Walk, 'n Roll' events, 5Ks, Parades, or other active events. We are instead beginning with smaller steps.

By word of mouth, we are helping communities with different resources such as school supplies and important resources to help get children back to school with the tools they need.

And let's not forget, helping people.


Posted in October, 2021

Are Courts 

Prep​ared to Handle Custody Cases Involving Autistic Spectrum Children?​

San Diego Single Mother's 3 Year Old Son Taken Away Right Before Christmas.

On 15th of December 2021, three year old was taken away from his mother right before the Christmas Holidays and New Year 2022.

Mother has been a mommy volunteer member of the Autism Fragile X Foundation since 2016....


Posted in October, 2021


Community Service!

We offer Community Service Certificates to High School/College Students, Employees and any Volunteers who need Community Service! Must fill application and get a local LIVE SCAN!

We give Tax Deduction Receipt if you Donate!​


Posted in October, 2021

• AFXF: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition that affects 75,000,000 people worldwide. The Autism Fragile X Foundation (AFXF) aims to empower people on the spectrum through research and development, connecting them to treatment resources, coordinating fun and educational events, and recruiting volunteers who want to help! Go to to learn more!


Posted in November 2021

• NUNZIA: NUNZIA™ is an all-natural plant-based nutraceutical supplement with no addictive properties or side effects. Its unique blend of herbs and minerals helps balance the production of glutamate within the Hippocampus. This in turn helps protect neurons against damage and may ultimately ease the symptoms of various cognitive or mental health disorders that may derive from the stress of life and work. We are now offering 50% off all of our products to Union Members! Just go to

to sign up for free!  


Click Here 


Posted in November 2021

• Lionsgate Rx: Sign up for FREE and find the best prices for your medications! You'll also earn Reward Points through every purchase and for referring family members or friends that you can redeem at locations such as Amazon, Whole Foods, Lowes, BestBuy, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Target, Staples, and so many more!

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Posted in November 2021